Important terminology

Important terminology#

Here are some helpful terms that we use at 2i2c.

Code for Science and Society#

2i2c is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science and Society, a US-based 501(c)(3) public charity. They support open collaboration in public interest technology through fiscal sponsorship and other programs supporting sustainable open source.

CS&S provides fiscal sponsorship services to mission-aligned projects in research, data, and technology. 2i2c is one of CS&S’s fiscally sponsored projects. As outlined in the fiscal sponsorship agreement (attached), CS&S manages finances, taxes, insurance, reporting, contracts, and compliance for 2i2c.

A few points of information for partners:

  • CS&S Executive Director, Danielle Robinson, is the signing authority for any grants, contracts, or other agreements that 2i2c engages in.

  • 2i2c is referred to as “a fiscally sponsored project of CS&S” in any grant or contract language.

  • Funds are received and managed by CS&S for the charitable purposes of 2i2c.

  • Project finances are reported as a part of CS&S’s 990 and other tax filings.

  • 2i2c is protected under CS&S’s general liability and directors and officers insurance.

See the CS&S documentation for more information about their organization.

Fiscal Sponsor#

A type of 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serves as a fiscal host and “umbrella” organization for one or more sub-projects. It provides a combination of legal, contractual, administrative, and strategic services to mission-aligned projects that it fiscally sponsors. Code for Science and Society is 2i2c’s fiscal sponsor. See this Council of Nonprofits guide to fiscal sponsorship for more information.

Hub Community#

The community of practice that a Managed JupyterHub serves. This includes leadership of the community as well as users of the hub. The Hub Community usually is usually organized around a particular use-case or dataset, and may or may not be affiliated with the same organization.

International Computer Science Institute#

The International Computer Science Institute was 2i2c’s host organization at its inception. It is a non-profit organization based in Berkeley, CA. ICSI brings together scientists from all over the world and at all stages of their career to work with established staff researchers, UC Berkeley professors, and their networks of academic, government, and industrial partners. In August of 2021, 2i2c adopted Code for Science and Society as its fiscal sponsor.