Payment accounts#

There are a few ways that we can pay for things. This section describes them.

Credit cards#

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See Reimbursements and Ramp for our reimbursement processes.

General purpose card#

Ends in 4164.

This is used for most purchases by 2i2c, including recurring service payments, travel payments on behalf of team members, etc.

The information for this card can be found in our BitWarden account.

Cloud credits card#

Ends in 7770.

Used only for paying cloud providers (GCP, AWS, and Azure) for cloud costs. We generally intend to re-imburse ourselves via invoices to communities for any cost charged to this credit card.

Extending card spending limits#

We have a monthly spending limit on each card, and credit card purchases will be declined if we hit it. However, we can extend our credit limit on a temporary basis if need be. For example, if we expect to make a lot of purchases at once for an event, or if we have made an unusually large purchase that gets us close to our limit.

To extend our card limit, we must send an e-mail to and they will raise it for us.