Accounting data#

Accounting data describes the money that we know we have spent or that we highly expect to receive.

Accounting transactions airtable#

CS&S provides us a monthly dataset of the last 6 months of all of all our accounting transactions. This is in a Google Sheet that is automatically updated each day. It includes the last 6 months of any transaction 2i2c has made (if we need more than 6 months of history, ask for a custom data dump).

We have a copy of this sheet in an Accounting Transactions AirTable[1]. We use this to create our accounting dashboard.

Update our accounting data airtable#

We have a semi-automated process to update the data in our accounting table. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Confirm that the Google Sheet has been updated by checking the Automatic Operations Events Log tab.

  2. Delete all of the records in the accounting table.

  3. Import the google sheets data. Go to Accounting Transactions -> Import Data -> Google Sheets -> Google sheets account.

    • Here’s an image of the menu you want:


    • You’ll see a list of Google Sheets in our account. Import the one titled 2i2c FYE23 Account Transactions - Auto Generated.

    • Check the Skip first row option during the import, so that we don’t import the section title names.

This should automatically import the data into the proper columns, you don’t need to do anything else.

When this action happens, an AirTable automation will run and attempt to link each new record with a corresponding Contract, using the Xero ID field. If a contract with the record’s Xero ID is found, then a linked record will be created in the Contracts column.

Here’s a brief video describing the above process.

Monthly reports#

CS&S generates monthly reports for our current financial situation. You can find them in our financial reports folder.

See Overview of CS&S accounting reports for more information about these sheets.

Summary dashboards#

We have an AirTable interface dashboard that displays several useful summaries and visualizations of our accounting data[1]. You can gain access to it with this invitation link.

We also have a page in our KPIs website that provides public summaries of this information for transparency to external stakeholders.