Expectations of team members

Expectations of team members#

This page describes some of the expectations for 2i2c team members. While these are not strict rules, they are things you should do in order to help maximize its impact.

General team practices#

Be respectful#

All 2i2c team members help create and sustain a welcoming, inclusive community. When interacting with 2i2c team members, or individuals outside of 2i2c, always be respectful. We expect everyone on the team to follow, and help others to follow, the [2i2c Code of Conduct] (https://compass.2i2c.org/code-of-conduct/index.html).

Be communicative#

First and foremost, be communicative to other team members. 2i2c is a distributed organization, and it is crucial that we are open and up-front with one another. If there’s any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask someone, ideally in a public channel. If you are wondering whether somebody else needs to know something, assume that they do and tell them.

Be proactive#

We are a distributed organization, and this means that it is crucial that we work together to identify how to make the most impact. 2i2c generally do a combination of development, operations, and support for the infrastructure and projects that we work on.

What you work on will depend on your role and potentially your funding source, but the important thing is that you are proactive in working with other team members to identify what you should work on next.

Read People operations and the other documentation in this guide to understand how the 2i2c team coordinates amongst one another.