About the team compass#

This is about our Team Compass, how to understand and read it, and how to make changes if you need.

Why have a Team Compass?#

There are a few major reasons why we use a Team Compass:

  • Asynchronous coordination. 2i2c is a distributed organization with team members across the world. Some are full-time, some are part-time, some are collaborators that work closely with us. Having a Source of Truth that is available to all team members helps us stay aligned and prevent information silos from popping up.

  • Transparency. 2i2c collaborates with many external stakeholders, and wishes to be a model organization for transparent and inclusive organizational dynamics. We believe this builds trust and connections with communities we serve. The Team Compass is a record of everything we’re up to, and how we do it.

  • Provenance. Almost all organizational decisions are made via edits to the Team Compass, or in documentation that we link to from the Team Compass. Because we conduct most discussions in GitHub repositories and issues, we have a historical record of the evolution of 2i2c, as well as provenance behind its decisions.

Update the team compass#

The Team Compass should be updated frequently as information about 2i2c changes. Do not hesitate to propose a change! See our Documentation Guide for instructions of how to edit our Team Compass (and other documentation that 2i2c uses).

What is a Source of Truth#

The Team Compass is a Single Source of Truth, meaning that it is the definitive answer for questions about 2i2c’s policy and state. Below is a quick definition of “Source of Truth”:

Source of Truth#
Single Source of Truth#

Distributed teams and open communities need to balance information across team members, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. For this reason, it is recommended to adopt a “single source of truth” for anything important. This is an authoritative source that everyone can look to in order to know the current status and plan for anything we do at 2i2c[1].