Strategy and objectives

Strategy and objectives#

This page describes 2i2c’s overall organizational plan and most important objectives. Our Strategic Plan is a combination of active and aspirational priorities that help us get closer to achieving our organizational mission.

Last updated: 2022-11-08.

Strategic plan#

We are in the process of revamping our strategic plan, see the following issue to track our progress: 2i2c-org/meta#166 and see this blog post for some background on our current thinking.

Our growth strategy#

Growing this service will require balancing two aspects of our team:

  • Our capacity to serve a given number of communities at a certain complexity of use-case.

  • Our commitments to serve a specific set of communities.

Because we are in a growth phase, we want our commitments to be near (or slightly above) our capacity. We can increase our capacity by making infrastructure and process improvements, or by growing our team. In the early phases of this pilot, we will focus on the former, and as our infrastructure and process is refined, we will consider the latter. In either case, we should choose a pricing model that gives us enough buffer to be able to hire new team members when the right time comes.

To carry this out, we’ll take on new communities in “batches” and define pricing models for each that at least cover our estimated costs. When we take on a new batch of communities, we should feel some tension as it challenges our process, support, and infrastructure in new ways. As we make process and infrastructure improvements, will self-assess whether our capacity has grown. If it has grown enough, we’ll decide to bring on more communities.

Strategic objectives#

Our strategic objectives are the most important things we must accomplish in order to execute on our strategic plan. These are broken down by the major functional areas of 2i2c, and stewarded by the leads of each area. We use a GitHub Project board to track these objectives, which can be found at the link below:

Strategic Objectives