Roles and team structure

Roles and team structure#

Supporting a 2i2c hub is a collaborative process between 2i2c and the community we serve.

The Support Team is one of the main teams in our Managed JupyterHub Service Team.

This consists of three main roles: Support Triagers, Community Representatives, and Hub Administrators.

Support Triager#
Support Triagers#

A two-person team of Support Triagers work together to triage and communicate with all external support requests. Tenure on the support team is for four weeks. Every two weeks (generally at the sprint meeting), a Support Triager cycles off the support team, and a new team member joins the team. The support team rotates through the “Open Infrastructure Engineering Team”, in alphabetical order.

The primary responsibilities of the Support Triagers are:

Common alternate terms: Customer Liason, External Liason, or Customer Support.

Community Representative#
Community Representatives#

See the service documentation.

Hub Administrator#
Hub Administrators#

See the service documentation.

Who are our Support Team?#

The Support Triager role rotates through the below Support Team members.

Alejandro I. Silva

Erik Sundell

Georgiana Dolocan

Sarah Gibson