Spending money#

This page describes when and how to spend money at 2i2c.

Discretionary budgets per area#

Each functional area has a $2,000 annual (each fiscal year) discretionary budget that they can use as they wish.

The following areas receive this budget:

  • Cross-functional / operations (Harold Campbell)

  • Partnerships (Jim Colliander)

  • Engineering (Damian Avila)

  • Product (Giuliano Maciocci)

Revisit if this is hard to keep track of

For now we do not strictly track the budgetary spending of each area, and expect area leads to be responsible for managing their budgets accordingly. We may revisit this if this becomes confusing or stressful for the team.

Why types of purchases does this cover?#

This covers any purchases that do not already have a dedicated line item in our budget. For example, benefits for team members (like equipment purchases) are not included in this budget.

Subscribing to services#

When deciding to subscribe to an ongoing product or service, we should ask a few additional questions to ensure that doing so will not create confusion (e.g., multiple teams subscribing to different providers of the same service) or strategic risk (e.g., subscribing to a service that may lock-in our data and make it hard to act independently).

When using funds to subscribe to a service, here are a few questions that should be answered and approved by the area lead:

  1. What’s the purpose for this service? What problem do we hope it will solve?

  2. What are our hypotheses for why this service will be useful? How will we measure its utility in 1, 3, and 12 months?

  3. What alternatives exist and why is this the right choice?

  4. Are there any obvious risks to using this service? E.g., are we creating a dependence for one of 2i2c’s core operations?

  5. Does this change any of 2i2c’s standard operating procedures? And if so, where will we document them?