Technical Content Specialist

Technical Content Specialist#

A Technical Content Specialist at 2i2c focuses on creating and curating documentation that supports interactive computing and cloud based open science. It intersects job titles such as “technical writer” and “content creator” while emphasizing previous experience working with open source science and related tools and a desire to share that knowledge.

Key responsibilities#

  • Work as part of the 2i2c Partnerships Team towards Community Success

  • Create documentation (tutorials, how-tos, explainers, and reference materials) that are shared across our communities using cloud-based interactive computing

  • Curate documentation resources from open source and open science projects

  • Develop training materials for communities such as

  • Version control for collaborative cloud-based workflows

  • Environment management for hub administrators

  • Best practices for analysis-ready cloud optimized data

  • Assist the 2i2c Engineering Team by editing technical documentation and documenting solutions from our support desk

  • Author content for 2i2c for use in marketing, blog posts, and website copy

Necessary qualities#

  • Demonstrated excellence in communicating complex technical information to learners with a different levels of background and experience

  • Demonstrated experience in using open-science tools (e.g. Python or R) in a scientific or scholarly domain

  • Willingness to continually learn and share emerging technologies and techniques in the interactive computing and open science ecosystems

Useful qualities#

  • Experience with open source workflows, research and educational contexts, and an understanding of the value that cloud-based infrastructure provides

  • Experience with the Jupyter ecosystem and other tools for interactive computing

  • Experience working with distributed service teams that use asynchronous methods of communication

  • Experience collaborating and coordinating work via online platforms and distributed revision control

  • Ability to communicate in Spanish, Portuguese, or French