Service for Managed JupyterHubs#

The Managed JupyterHub Service is a special project that is run by 2i2c. It is an ongoing service, and thus is less development-oriented than projects that are funded by grants and collaborations.

The key goal of the 2i2c Managed JupyterHub Service is to launch a self-sustaining service that provides managed JupyterHub distributions to customers in research and education.

We are currently in the pilot phase of this project, with the goal of creating a basic shared infrastructure that can deploy, configure, and manage many JupyterHub distributions. We are also building a sales and support pipeline around this infrasturcture.

Where is information located?#

Infrastructure and development happens in the infrastructure/ repository. This is both the deployment infrastructure for the 2i2c JupyterHubs, as well as documentation and team coordination around developing and running them.

The Hub Engineer’s Guide describes how to develop and operate the 2i2c infrastructure/ infrastructure. It is generally designed for 2i2c engineers to follow and learn. You can find it at

The Hub Administrator’s Guide provides for Hub Administrators to customize and control their hub. It is community-facing, and meant as a more external view on the 2i2c Hubs Pilot. It also describes high-level information about the pilot in general. It is located at (or the docs/ repository)

Strategy and roadmaps for the Managed Hubs Pilot are located in the Hub Administrator’s guide.

For other information about the Managed Hubs Pilot, see the sections below.

A list of running JupyterHubs#

We keep a table with all of our currently-running JupyterHubs at this location: List of Running JupyterHubs.

Other project information#