Major Projects at 2i2c#

Projects are focused work that 2i2c conducts over a long-ish period of time. They are generally done in collaboration with other communities or organizations. They describe the major pieces work that drive our daily activities.

In general, projects should have:

  1. A name / description

  2. A location where deliverables and tasks are being tracked.

Prototyping project boards

We are currently prototyping the use of Project Boards for initiatives for our medium-term planning. Initiatives are collections of work with a particular theme or focus. You may see them in use below - but they may evolve and be used differently as we learn more!

2i2c organizational launch#

As 2i2c is quite young, it must first build an organizational foundation for itself. This is an ongoing effort to define structure, process, and governance of 2i2c so that it can grow and execute on its mission.

Tracking deliverables

The organizational foundation project contains a list of deliverables we are currently working towards.

  • Strategy - We must define a long-term vision for 2i2c, and high-level strategy for executing on that vision.

  • Governance - We must define how decisions get made within 2i2c at all levels of the organization.

  • Organizational policy - We must define our early organizational policy, culture, and core documents like a Code of Conduct.

  • Administration - We need an administrative infrastructure to carry out 2i2c’s organizational needs. This includes its legal status, hiring/contracting, and invoicing.

  • Public materials - In order to gain recognition, we need to build public-facing materials and documentation. This includes websites and social media handles, early branding, and documentation.

Managed Hub Service launch#

The Collaborative JupyterHub Service is a special project of 2i2c that is developed and described at this website.

More information about the Collaborative JupyterHub Service can be found in these sections:

Pangeo Hub Infrastructure development#

The Pangeo project has considerable needs in both operating and developing hub infrastructure for their community. We are collaborating with them to provide both daily operations of their hubs, as well as help them in evolvin and improving their infrastructure to better-suit their scientific mission.

Tracking deliverables

Note that this initiative is WIP and may change in scope and focus

We are tracking deliverables for this project in this GitHub project board.

Jupyter Book development#

The Executable Books Project is an international collaboration to build open source tools that facilitate publishing computational narratives using the Jupyter ecosystem. Its activities are split across a variety of repositories in the executablebooks/ organization.

Tracking deliverables

  • The meta/ repository contains high-level conversation and strategy in the project. Most project planning and execution is carried out in the issues in executablebooks/ repositories.

  • The jupyter-book repository contains many issues that are the best place to get started finding things of interest to work on.

  • The executablebooks feature voting board contains a table of issues users have “voted” for. It is a good guide for prioritizing work.