Structure and responsibilities#


This is still a work in progress!


Ensure that 2i2c has partnerships that allows it to sustain and scale its impact.


Currently the Partnerships team at 2i2c is made up of one Partnerships Lead, who collaborates closely with the Community Guidance Lead in planning and coordination.


Partnerships Lead#

Ensures that 2i2c has effective relationships (sales, contracts, invoicing, service delivery) and the resources required to achieve its mission Partnerships Lead.

Responsibilities and Expectations#

  • Oversee sustainability strategy.

    • Collect feedback from major stakeholders and define major plans around sustainability at 2i2c

    • Define overall goals to guide sustainability efforts at 2i2c

    • Forecast revenue to inform overall strategy

  • Represent this strategy internally and externally

    • Amplify Voice of Partner for 2i2c stakeholders in internal discussions (e.g. with 2i2c’s engineering and support teams).

    • Collaborate with Product and Community Lead to represent Sustainability strategy in product/service decisions.

    • Communicate 2i2c’s sustainability strategy and model to external stakeholders

  • Design and develop new revenue mechanisms

    • Establish and sustain revenue-generating relationships with partner organizations

    • Establish ongoing relationships with cloud vendors or resellers

    • Collaborate with product and engineering teams.

  • Manage our sales pipeline

    • Balance our revenue, costs, and ability to deliver.

    • Oversee processes and systems that balance leads, sales, etc. For example:

      • \[ \mbox{costs} \leq \mbox{amount sold} \leq \mbox{delivery capacity} \]
      • Leads \(\rightarrow\) opportunities \(\rightarrow\) sales \(\rightarrow\) service

    • Collaborate with Product and Community Lead around onboarding new communities.

    • Liase with CS&S around invoicing pipeline.

    • Oversee 2i2c’s actions as it pertains to invoicing.

  • Formalize our contractual relationships. For example:

    • Service Level Agreement

    • Support Expectations

    • Terms of Service

    • Privacy Policy

    • Right to Replicate

    • Information security breach response plan

    • HECVAT

    • Accessibility

    • Liase with CS&S around defining partnerships

    • Done in partnership with CSS and our partner organizations

  • Identify, develop, and pursue funding opportunities. For example:

    • Partnerships that grow our capacity

    • Grants for the organization or for deliverables

    • Philanthropy and giving

Performance Measures#

The following are a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures that can be used to gauge the performance of this role.

  • Sales and invoicing efficiency

    • Sales Cycle Length (first touch to close)

    • Invoicing turnaround

  • Overall service sustainability

    • Recurring Revenue

    • Number of unique partnerships / contracts

  • New business

    • New contracts

    • New partners / communities

  • Growing pre-existing business

  • Success with grants

    • New grants applied for

    • Grant success rate

      • Total grant funding

  • Robustness of partnerships

    • partner’s satisfaction with service from 2i2c

    • partner’s achievement of their goals

    • alignment among partners + engineering + support

    • Much of this is qualitative in nature, and will be carried out in partnership with the Product and Community Lead.

Salary rationale#

The most similar positions in the GuideStar report for this role are:

  • Top Programs Position

  • Top Development Position

However, there is relatively little data for this position at the budget size of 2i2c. If we look one budget-level higher in the GuideStar report, it appears that the Development Position and the Programs Position are comparable in salary. For that reason, we’ll use the Top Programs Position as the reference position for the base salary of this title.

Appendix: Similar titles#

Comparable titles:

  • Sustainability Lead

  • Business Affairs Director

  • Business Development Director

  • Business Manager

  • Sales Director


See list of team members.