Leadership workflow#

This section describes how our leadership team carries out its planning and day-to-day work.


The “organization-wide” team is a bit different than most other 2i2c teams. It has a much broader scope (the entire organization), but focuses its efforts on major cross-functional items, or high-level priorities to track over time.


The goal of our organizational leadership workflow is to:

  • Align on the strategy for 2i2c and our major objectives for accomplishing that strategy.

  • Align on the highest priorities in each functional area.

  • Share information across functional areas and integrate them into our planning and prioritization.

  • Oversee our daily workflow for creating strategy, policy, and structure for 2i2c as an organization.


We have to track efforts across the leaders of each functional area at 2i2c. This is similar to the team backlogs used elsewhere in 2i2c but focused at an organizaiton-wide level.

Organizational backlog

We also track our strategic objectives in this board.

Slack channels#

#team-leads: For quick and/or informational conversation around organizational strategy and policy.