Structure and responsibilities#

This page describes the structure and roles of our Operations Team.


2i2c’s Operations team is responsible for defining and overseeing our systems for work coordination, planning, and accountability.

Below are major areas of responsibility.

Define systems and processes for coordination#

  • Define our meeting and coordination systems for planning our work.

  • Define systems for sharing information between team members.

Refine work items to be actionable and clear#

  • Translate strategic priorities and deliverables into actionable work items.

  • Ensure that our work items have a clear scope and path forward for completion.

  • Communicate with teams (e.g. Product and Engineering or Community and Partnerships) to align team members on a plan.

Oversee work for projects and teams#

  • Assign work items to team members on a given project according to team priorities.

  • Hold team members accountable for completing work on-time, or for adjusting scope as needed.

Communicate progress and status to internal stakeholders#

  • Make our work transparent, discoverable, and understanding to internal stakeholders, especially those that communicate with external stakeholders.

  • Share information about the status and progress of major work items.

  • Surface changes in scope or identified risk in accomplishing our goals.

Team structure#

Our operations team largely consists of Project Managers that oversee the coordination and execution of work on a given project. They tend to oversee backlogs that a number of team members work on, and work with key stakeholders to ensure that our teams execute their work according to our priorities and objectives.

Team roles#

Project Manager#

Coordinates our system of work around our operational and technical priorities. This role refines our goals to be more concrete and actionable, and coordinates and assigns work to team members in order to ensure we are carrying out our priorities in a timely fashion.


We are piloting this role. See this GitHub issue for our plans and experience with this pilot thus far.


Damian Avila currently serves as a part-time Project Manager for our Engineering and Product team.