Hiring and Job Search Process#

This page contains information about the hiring process at 2i2c. It is meant to be a helpful guide and resources to streamline hiring in the future1.

Hiring Team#

The hiring team carries out the hiring process. The team consists of two different types of people:

Hiring Lead#

The Hiring Lead oversees the hiring process for a candidate. They are usually:

  • The direct supervisor of the person to be hired

  • Experienced with the goals and needs of this hire.

  • Experienced with the skills and qualities needed for the job

  • Familiar with hiring processes in general (at 2i2c or elsewhere)

Hiring team members#

Individuals that help out with various parts of the hiring process. We aim to spread the load of serving on hiring committees across team members, and try to have committee members for individuals that will work closely with the new hire.

The hiring process#

Most of our hiring process is defined in a collection of Google Document templates that are meant to be copied and modified for new hires. Here are two relevant links:

Briefly, this is the process that we follow:

  • Create and post the job.

  • Create an AirTable application portal with CS&S.

  • Applicants answer several questions and provide their CV.

  • Triage all applicants and narrow down to 4-8 we wish to learn more about.

  • Screen 4-8 applicants with a 30 minute phone call.

  • Interview 1-3 applicants in a 90 minute interview.

  • Discuss and rank candidates.

  • Make an offer.