Roles and team structure#

We use the following roles to help us understand responsiblities and expectations around developing and operating our infrastructure. For roles that are related to more specific actions like support and incidents, see our managed service documentation.

Project Manager#
Project Managers#

We are piloting the use of a dedicated Project Manager to help our team plan and coordinate with one another. See this GitHub issue for our plans and experience with this pilot thus far.

Hub Engineer#
Hub Engineers#

The job of a Hub Engineer is to develop and operate deployment infrastructure for a hub, and to perform major upgrades or improvements to resolve issues that cannot be solved by a Hub Administrator. Hub engineers regularly work on the JupyterHub infrastructure and provide open source development for the technology that powers each hub. People in these roles are generally affiliated with 2i2c.


  • Respond to support requests from the Community Representative(s)

  • Perform major upgrades on hub infrastructure

  • Debug and resolve major issues with a hub that require intervention from a Hub Engineer

  • Perform open source development on technologies that are in use by the hubs