The 2i2c Team Compass#

This Team Compass is a guide for team members of 2i2c to navigate our organization and community. It is the source of truth for information about 2i2c.

How to use the team compass#

2i2c team members should document everything relevant to operating the organization in the 2i2c team compass, and give it precedence over all other kinds of documentation unless explicitly stated otherwise in the team compass.

The Team Compass is the source of truth!

Any information that is in this team compass should be considered the source of truth for 2i2c. Its information should be complete and updated frequently.

If you see information here that is out of date, please propose an edit in the team compass repository.

See below for a brief overview of each section of the Team Compass, or browse the sections to the left on your own.

Code of Conduct#

The Code of Conduct defines the expectations that we have for behavior for anyone participating in a 2i2c space, as well as the process we’ll follow if others do not meet these expectations.

Team Practices#

Information about working with the 2i2c team, understanding our processes and projects, and generally getting oriented.

Projects and Services#

These sections cover major active projects and services that 2i2c is currently working on or offering. They go into more detail about the plans, structure, and strategy of each project.

About 2i2c#

Information about the broader 2i2c organization, as well as its mission and structure.