Scope and responsibilities#

Our community guidance area ensures that 2i2c’s partner communities have the guidance and skills to have impact via our infrastructure and services, and that they can share these skills without being dependent on 2i2c. It oversees our content creation and training efforts for partner communities. It also oversees our systems for communication and interaction with partner communities.

Work in progress

We are still understanding how this area fits in with 2i2c, and the responsibilities and structure of this area may change.

Content creation and training#

  • Oversee user-facing documentation for our Managed Hub Service.

  • Oversee training material and 2i2c-led events for training.

Community management with partner communities#

  • Oversee systems for communication between community partners and 2i2c.

  • Oversee training for communities to self-organize in a sustainable manner (for 2i2c and for communities).